How to make peace a philosophy of life?

Image How to make peace a philosophy of life?

When we think of the notion of peace, we can't help imagining a conflict free or even paradise-like place where everyone hears their neighbor with respect. Indeed, it evokes, a certain visible form of harmony and the implementation of a certain order. For children, it evokes joy, security and affection.

For teenagers, it translates into trust and agreement with nature. And for adults, it corresponds to a stable job, a harmonious home lacking for nothing. However, it should be noted that these various representations of peace explain one aspect of peace, in particular inner peace. According to Prem Rawat, peace is an essential need for us. In other words, it is something which is not possible to live without.

How to live in peace?

To live in peace means to live in fulness with yourself, others and all that surrounds you. It is a mechanism that works both internally and externally. From an outside point of view, living in peace is a way of life where everyone respects and appreciates each other. And this despite differences in culture, religion and political opinion. Internally, everyone seeks to understand the fears that drive violence. However, there are basic principles to living in peace. There are some key points to consider such as: 

  • Seeking external peace: this implies respect for others, regardless of their beliefs, politics, culture and philosophy; 
  • Finding inner peace: that is, to become tolerant, to suppress anger, to overcome one's fears, and so on. 
  • Motivating one's convictions: that is to say, to keep one's convictions while considering the points of view and perspectives of others.

Peace as philosophy of life: what does this imply?

The prospect of peace is a philosophy that emphasizes the assurance of the need for stability in every aspect of life. It is an important choice though it happens instinctively without real personal involvement. However, it can be every normal being's inspiration.

On the other hand, cultivating inner peace requires an involvement that is more active. In Prem Rawat's eyes, peace is not just a word; it is concrete and very real. It is therefore necessary to feel it. It is a philosophy that values individual calm and serenity. Even people of violent character can at some point seek for that haven of stillness to live their life to the fullest.

How to remain pacifist?

By definition, a pacifist does not use violence against another person or animal. Even if the world is full of violence, it is still possible for you not to make use of your power or strength to cause others to suffer or die.

To do this, stay true to your beliefs and politely deny that violence is tolerable. Beware of the people who may try to incite you to use violence by abusing your patience. In addition, to be a pacifist is to feel compassion for those who are violent.